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 Awarded by people as the best event decorator for more than 59 rich years. The team of Vasavi Decorations ideate, innovate and implement the right infrastructure for every partnered event. Though a six decade old history of decorating functions, Vasavi Decoration's updated trend knowledge is well appreciated by the audience. From entrance to the exit, Vasavi Decoration impresses each guest with awe.


 Most Weddings often miss the organized impression and it was formerly sensed by Mr. Seenivasan, who listed the solution to all the pain points of wedding arrangements. He crafted the best structure to handle any wedding decoration and hence, this proud event infrastructure journey began. Often wedding memories last based on how great the decorations were made and to make it a forever experience is Vasavi Decoration's primary vision.

 The artistic legacy had passed on to Mr. Seenivasan to create the perfect event ambience for best remembrance. He has excelled the service of providing the right interior arrangements for more than 694 events out of 1234 events (which holds 1434 weddings, 230 events, 20 DJ parties and 10 corporate events). Under his leadership, instantiation of unique innovation is assured at his every event coordination. In the near future, he aims to decorate the next century wedding with a blend of the most advanced technology resources.


 Usually decorations are done to just fill the space with rich materials. But here at Vasavi Decorations, richness is filled in every part of decoration. To make every event successful, Vasavi Decoration follows a strategic operational flow as below: Research -> Plan -> Design -> Source materials -> Arrange -> Decorate From the above process, quality is ultimately assured and the decorations are often recognized for its perfection.


 With the practice and experience in decorating 1245 events, Vasavi Decoration is quick in design and implementation with the result as desired and as expected.Attractive Decoration creates the entertained feel of celebration and without the perfect decoration. The festive's functional element is always lost. Partner with the Vasavi decorations now to avoid chaos in organizing your event. Call now at 98946 18882 to get the free event planning consultation. You can even directly visit the office at 24/7 to get the detailed information to organize your event.